Crowd at a Concert

Jerry Leech

Blowing up the scene with his debut single Red & Blue, Jerry Leech is quickly becoming known amidst the underground music community as a force to be heard. Go ahead and listen to his most recent work below.



Skipping the parties during high-school to spend the hours alone in his room, dabbling with melodic elements like a mad chemist, Jerry Leech has always strove for his own flavor of perfection. The voices that he hears, and the dramatic shifts in mood that occur, are part of his diagnosis of schizo-affective disorder. As crippling as his mental disorder may be at times, his fortitude to create has never faltered. He prefers to look at it as a blessing. And the style that he has cultivated from that resilience is very much his own. Fusing together the notions of loss and heartache with chilled, melodious beats and textures. This is his vogue approach to creating a sound that the lost and lonely long to hear.



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